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"All children have a right to reach their full potential regardless of ability."

The Klownski Foundation is on a mission to create change by empowering others with a better quality of life.

We help raise awareness for children with cancer and support families of children who have disabilities or are homeless.

Less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute goes to childhood cancer research, although 700+ children worldwide are diagnosed with childhood cancer every day.

It is estimated that 93 million children live with disabilities throughout the world; half of them are out of school. Many are invisible or hidden by their families and abandoned due to a lack of support or knowledge.

76% of people living homeless in the Los Angeles area reported being or were observed to be affected by mental illness, physical disability, poor health, or substance abuse.


What is a Klownski, and why did they decide to help?

Nobody likes the "C" word around here, but we love kindness, so we replaced the "C" with a "K," took the happiness of a clown, and turned my volunteer broski's into "Klownski's," and now we help create smiles for those in need.


Well, one day at a Dodgers game, our founder Sergio Franco aka
"Klownski," jokingly put on a red nose and felt a rush from the smiles he created on other fans faces, so over the next few weeks, he feverishly started planning to host his first event which had a turnout of 700+ Klownski's throughout the stands which helped create awareness for children fighting cancer, the disability community, and the forgotten homeless throughout Los Angeles. 


Please enter your email below, follow us online, volunteer your time, donate new or lightly used items, or donate financially to our cause.

All proceeds we raise will provide resources for families fighting cancer, families with children who have disabilities, feeding the homeless, and the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Los Angeles.


Raise Awareness, Volunteer, Donate and Wear a Red Nose


Our Vision

To make sure others enjoy a social and productive life by creating a resource center for everyone in need, especially those with disabilities, children fighting cancer, and the homeless community. Providing financial guidance, social counseling, connecting people to available resources, and advice on federal or state programs will help focus our fight to educate and empower others. 

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Our Mission

Everyone deserves to smile, especially those in need. Klownski Foundation, a California-based 501c3, is dedicated to ensuring families are well equipped to support their children with special health needs. Our mission is to strengthen the support that families have to care for their children. Through a blend of food and critical item distribution, community engagement, and awareness events, as well as advocacy work, we work to realize our vision of strong, smiling communities. 

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Advocacy and Social Services

Learn every right you have to create a better life for your family.

We will help make sure you are on the right path towards a comfortable way of life.

Don't hide in the shadows; come shine with us in the sunlight. #Klownski

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Legal Referrals

We partnered with attorneys to educate you and ensure that you have a clear understanding of your legal rights to make the best life decisions for all of your legal needs.

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Financial Counseling

We will help educate you with financial guidance to empower your freedom.

Our goal is to make sure you have the best financial resources at your disposal.

Create new possibilities that help you save money and increase your revenue.

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Additional Ways We Help

● Community Integrated Living
● Supported Employment Respite Services for families
● Advocacy & Parent Support Groups
● Special Needs Children’s Programs
● Conductive Education
● Early Intervention
● Adult Day Services
● Education Nursing & Medical Support

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No ONE gets left behind

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Meet the force behind our campaigns. We don't just strive to be the best, but we also help the best.

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