Meet Emily (Emi)

She is not just our HEROE she is our ANGEL. This is the face we fight for This is the face we will always FIGHT for!!!!

Emi was an 8 year old who fought a rare form of brain cancer called sPNET. She was diagnosed at age 4 and had up to 4 surgeries. She relapsed 8/14/17 and unfortunately gained her wings. Emi has not left us, her spirit is why we fight every day and we will continue to fight relentlessly. No child should ever fight alone and no family ever will. We love you Emi!!!

Meet Peej (PJ)

PJ was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome which causes underdeveloped facial features which can range from moderate to severe and can affect breathing, eating, hearing and sight - to state it in a politically incorrect way, it causes deformities of the face. PJ spent the first 65 days in the hospital... The family celebrated Christmas, New Years Eve, mom's birthday, and Valentines Day while living in the NICU. PJ also had two surgeries while in the NICU before the family were allowed to bring him home. PJ's parents soon realized that they had an incredible opportunity to spread kindness by having PJ visit schools that have read the book Wonder. Meeting a real-life Auggie Pullman helps bring the book to life and expose the children to differences. With the hope of influencing future generations to be kinder and more tolerant of differences, PJ's parents have become certified motivational speakers with the Children’s Craniofacial Association and volunteer to speak in schools that have read Wonder. While speaking in schools they also incorporate fundraisers to raise money for various non-profit organizations that help children, like PJ, who have excessive medical expenses. PJ's parents call these fundraisers “PJs for PJ”. For a small donation from each student, the kids are allowed to have a pajama day while they discuss kindness, inclusion and acceptance. So far, “PJs for PJ” fundraisers have raised and donated over $65,000! The hope for PJs future is that the world will be a kinder and more accepting place where people can learn to look past his differences and see him the way that I see him. PJ's family also has high hope that PJ learns to advocate for himself in such a positive way that people will not see him as “the boy with Treacher Collins”, but rather, “the boy who speaks in schools, encourages kindness and raises money for other kids”.  

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The boy who speaks in schools and  encourages kindness!!!

Meet The Paulys

Lifting the spirits of the homeless with the gift of music Paul Avila’s son, Pauly, born blind and autistic, could only be calmed with the sound of music in his ears. As a young boy, Paul would accompany his mother to downtown Los Angeles to bring food and clothes to his uncle on skid row. Remembering how good he felt when he gave food and clothing to the less fortunate; it was a feeling of accomplishment. This feeling stayed with Paul as he grew up. Inspired by his son’s reaction to music, Paul, with his own money, purchased radio headsets and distributed them to the homeless on skid row. These headsets seemed to give them the feeling of being connected with the world around them. As the news of his mission spread, Paul started getting more and more resources to purchase more headsets as well as hygiene packages. Now Paul holds a yearly event, around the holidays, to provide meals, headsets, hygiene products and musical entertainment to the homeless. Stressing the fact that one hundred percent of all donations received by Pauly’s Project goes to the purchase of these essential items. Paul hopes to have this project grow even bigger in the future and with the help of the generous hearts of businesses and the public, he will accomplish his goals.

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Meet AJ

His laugh and smile is contagious! 

Meet Adrian Joseph but we call him AJ for short. This little boy is full of so much love and happiness you can’t help but become obsessed with him. AJ was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. He was non verbal for many years not until last year he surprised us by saying Mom non stop. AJ has already received 3 academic awards for performing higher than his grade level. He is our genius! AJ loves loud music and enjoys watching his grandpa play in his band! I thank organizations like Klownski for opening opportunities for children like my AJ.

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