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Jen, Jacob and Jaden Franco

Senior and Junior Ambassadors


Javier and Julieta Franco

Senior Ambassadors

Javier, Jen and Sakura Franco

Junior and Senior Ambassadors

The Klownski  Leadership Team

Top industry professionals with proven experience who are hands-on in managing various projects and social gatherings

Sergio Franco (Klownski)


Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA

Super Skills: Loves to interact and socialize with others and enjoys giving back to the community. 

Fun fact: Sergio is an avid memorabilia collector that loves the arts and also appreciates spending time with his family at ballgames.

Career highlight: Sergio has been in Healthcare finance for over 25 years, leading upper management teams. In the last 12 years, Sergio has maintained a position in a healthcare consultant and Finance advisory role. In addition to his career, Sergio is also the Founder of the Klownski movement, which provides charity work for the disability community, pediatric cancer patients, and those fighting homelessness. In his free time, he is an advocate and voice for those in need.

Frank Mercado (Hiccups)

President /Vice Chair

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Super Skills: Since 2013, Hiccups has been helping the homeless on LA’s Skid Row. He organizes clothing drives to give Skid Row residents new clothes. And through his Hiccups Pizza Project, he makes sure that everyone has something to eat. Hiccups also will never ask for anything in return, other than help from more community members.

Fun fact: While he has plenty of fun at Dodgers Stadium, the real passion is for something much more important than baseball: The fight against childhood cancer. When he isn’t at a ballgame or Skid Row, Hiccups visits the kids at Children’s Hospital LA and the Ronald McDonald houses, where he shares his professional talents as a magician.

Career highlight:  Frank Mercado is better known to Dodgers fans as "Hiccups the Clown," but he has also been a local LAUSD teacher for the last ten years. The "Hiccups' Pizza Project" also provides nourishment and supplies for homeless people in LA's Skid Row neighborhood.

Jesus Franco

Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer

Hometown: Covina, Ca

Super Skills: Ability to create assistance for people in any situation while mastering communication and empathy for those in all walks of life

Fun Facts: Loves music, owns a catering company, enjoys cooking and attending concerts. Jesus is also a huge fan of baseball and loves our beloved Dodgers.

Career Highlight: Whether educating others on Hospital billing and aid programs or through connective resources, Jesus also revels in the feeling of helping hungry bellies through his #ToysForTacos imprint that supports the less fortunate during Holiday Seasons.

Alexis Macias

Chief Operating Officer/Secretary

Hometown: Pomona, CA

Super Skills: Providing behavioral services to kids/adults with autism & developmental disabilities

Fun Fact: Connecting art with life, Alexis enjoys taking in the beauty of a museum just as much as she loves cheering at live sporting events or singing along at concerts.

Career Highlight: Alexis has been working with individuals with autism and developmental disabilities for ten years. She has helped her clients learn skills needed to grow, communicate, and become independent within the home and school setting. 

Hugo Holguin

Executive Director of Operations

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Super Skills: Hugo loves volunteering his time in the homeless community at skid row by providing food, clothing, and resources. Hugo also is a great mentor and motivator for those who are fighting alcoholism or drug addiction. He also enjoys advocating and fighting for little warriors and the homeless.

Fun fact: Hugo enjoys getting away and spending time with his wife out snowboarding or scuba diving for his mental health.

Career highlight: Hugo is a U.S. Army Veteran from the 82nd Airborne Division and is currently employed with The Department of Veterans Affairs and is presently attending college to become a Registered Nurse.

Charles Ellenson

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA & Chicago, IL

Super Skills: For almost twenty years, Charles has passionately developed, created, and helped multiple brands and businesses in sales, music, marketing, film, production, employee training, and technology by using calculated engagement evaluations and impeccable instincts to stay at the forefront of what’s coming. Charles prides himself on supporting the next generation of creators, artists, and producers.

Fun fact: Charles loves traveling and is rarely not listening to music.

Career highlight: As a Production/Tour Manager for the “Fresh Management Group” in Los Angeles, he spearheaded Tour's during two major label releases, and four Top 20 Billboard hits. All while assisting the Executive Producer and Creative Director on the label's most popular video content and music videos. Charles creates excellence in all aspects, whether on stage or behind-the-scenes.

John Mireles

Executive Director Public Relations

Hometown: Pico Rivera, CA

Super Skills: John enjoys donating his time for the betterment of others. John has strong negotiation and strategizing skills with a great smile that can withstand any poker stare. 

Fun fact: John loves his sports, whether in stadiums or watching on television. You won't see John missing a chance to root for the Dodgers or Rams. 

Career highlight: With 21 years of negotiating large contracts for the city of Los Angeles for the Department of Transportation, he is most proud of running in 2020 to be a part of the Pico Rivera City Council.

George Cabrera

Executive Consultant/Advisor

John Espinosa

Director of Operations Las Vegas

Erika Cerna

Co-Director of Operations Las Vegas

Mike Lucero

Executive Assistant

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