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"My family and I attended the 2nd annual Black and White Klownski Gala, my Emi was honored that night, it was so much fun, spending time with the people we love the most are priceless moments that these days we cherish more, meeting Sergio and his family and being welcomed to the Klownski family was one of the best things ever, Klownski is like my brother, he has a heart of Gold, honors and genuinely loves our kids, he is such an amazing Dad also doing all of this for his son. He is such an inspiration, and is always there in a heart beat to help someone out, thank you for always loving my Emi and being there for our family."

Valdovinos Family

Klownski Gala 2018

"The Klownski Foundation is what’s needed to bridge the gap between misinformation, misunderstanding and on how ones disability is viewed . The Klownski Army of beautiful souls exchanging stories, heartache and triumphs makes the journey not so scary . Our grandson is Autistic and his future is bright because of people like Serg and the Klownski Foundation"

Rudy and Joanna Salas



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